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Gammon Drums

Gammon Drums is an online company which offers quality affordable instruments for musicians and drummers. The company stocks a wide range of products such as Rock Series Drum sets and Gammon Drum Sets. Rock Series Drum sets have high demand, and they are common among players because of their unique features which include heavy duty bass drum pedals, double braced hardware and offset snare stand. However these features make the Rock Series Drum Sets expensive.

Gammon Sets are cost effective and offer superb performance as well.  The full set of these drums includes everything that one needs to begin playing. The set includes five drums; the bass drum, floor tom, snare and two mounted toms.  Also, all complementary tools needed such as cymbals, sticks, stool, stands and all hardware make up the entire set.  Features found in other more expensive kits are present in Gammon drum sets but can be acquired at more affordable prices. Other drum products offered by Gammon include timbales, junior drum kits, snare kits, congas and double bass pedals.

The Gammon Battle Series

Gammon Percussion offers various models of drum sets that range from junior drum sets to full size kits. Examples of some of the top selling products available in Gammon Percussion include the Gammon Battle Series, which presents the most cost efficient way to begin drumming on a fully sized drum set. Gammon Battle Series sells at $300 which includes all handling costs until the product reaches the buyer.  This set is simply breathtaking and is available in a wide range of colors from which one can choose.  Its features include a chrome snare, a  braced double hardware, a bass drum and many more stunning features.  These unique features make it one of their best-selling drum sets.

The Gammon Performance Series

Another model of Gammon Drums sold by Gammon Percussion is Gammon Performance Series which, has best common features found in the most expensive drum sets. This drum model is simply perfect for individuals aspiring to be successful drummers. Its unique features include the 20 lugs found on the bass drum and the Nato Mahogany shells. These two features are found usually in the most expensive drums.

Junior Drum Sets

Gammon also has other Junior Drum Sets that range from five piece drum sets to three piece drum sets.  The drum sets in Gammon can just cater for any age group, and their quality is superb. The junior drum sets are specifically made for kids.  Junior Drum sets come with a metallic finish with shiny chrome. Depending on the color that one chooses. This type or gammon drum set sells for around $200.

The colors of these drum sets include metallic blue, white, wine red, black, metallic green, pink and many more. The colors are appealing and give a professional look to their drums. Also the company has an impressive customer service track record that ensures timely delivery. Their prices are reasonable, and their products are of high quality. You can usually find what you’re looking for with Gammon Drums.